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Thinking of joining us?


We are not a church

The Grace of God is free and not earned.  Our goal is to encourage people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, as directed by the Holy Spirit. We believe that all persons are called by God to examine their choices in light of the teachings of Jesus. And we believe that spirituality is a way of life in which we are called by God to love Him and to love each other as brothers and sisters. We believe that a life pleasing to God and in accordance with our conscience, is possible only through the help of the Holy Spirit and through daily discipline. We believe that it is easiest to acquire and to maintain discipline when like minded people worship together. And so we are seeking to encourage folks to spend time looking for congregations which appeal to their conscience.

We believe in the power of prayer

Prayer is not about telling God something new. God knows all there is to know about us and so prayer in a sense, is calling to mind what is important to us and learning to listen to God. But we know that prayer is more than this. We are unique in the animal world, in that as far as we know, we alone have the awareness to appreciate the nature and consequence of what we say or do to other people. We exist in an animal state complete with animal drives and instincts. But we also have a spiritual conscience which groans whenever our choices are at the expense of other people. As humans, we are blessed with free will which allows us to make choices on whether to live as uncontrolled  animals or as spiritual beings. And so prayer is an invitation to the Holy Spirit, to help us attain the spiritual potential that we are born with. God treats us better than we deserve and punishes us less than we deserve, and God continues to grant us special miracles; He sometimes eliminates the consequences of our poor choices. We pray then for wisdom, we pray for good health, we pray for humility, and we pray for the welfare of our children. The second part of our mission then, is to encourage the people we meet, to pray regularly.

Does this appeal to you?

If the answer is yes, then we invite you to contact us through the form provided on the home page. There is some training aimed at ensuring that you are comfortable with us and that we are comfortable with you. You will not be required to contribute any money and we supply all relevant brochures.