9602 82 Ave. Edmonton, AB T6C 1A1

About Us


Compassionate Listening Society was incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta. But as an internet based service our goal is to reach anyone with access to the worldwide web. We hope that through our website and our chat line, we can offer compassionate and non-judgmental ears to persons experiencing emotional difficulties. Many of our volunteers are Christians and some of our suggestions may originate from the Bible but there is no requirement that those who chat with us

be people of faith. Indeed the basic tenet of our Society is that God’s love does not depend on faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.


Our volunteers have completed at least one course in suicide prevention and awareness and some are employed in professions where they encounter and learn from people experiencing distress daily.


    Elvis A. Iginla – Lawyer/Chair
    Twyla Iginla – Treasurer/Secretary